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2017 Annual Conference:  14 - 16th September in Dunblane, Scotland

We look forward to seeing you in Dunblane. Please visit the conference website here.

Residential Places are unfortunately now full.  If you would like to go on the waiting list for a residential place please email your name and details to aftconference@mintevents.co.uk

We do have day delegate places available.  If you would like to book your own local accommodation please visit our website page for details of alternative accommodation.  The Hilton Hydro in Dunblane may still have accommodation for the Friday evening only.  

Time-table for the day

Draft programme.

"Wide Open Spaces: working creatively and staying connected"

We have chosen this title in part to reflect both the geography of Scotland and the variety of contexts in which Family Therapists can be found. Highlighting the opportunities and challenges that this presents.

From working systemically on the Island of Orkney to working systemically in the East end of Glasgow there will be many similarities but also differences that are important to consider.

Our aim is to create a conference that allows systemic practice across diverse contexts throughout the UK and further afield to come together.

Working creatively As many family therapist do,
• within the therapy room,
• across service contexts ( specialist services sharing ideas across the globe),
• across geographical boundaries,
• into particular communities, refugees, prisons, women's aid services,
• Making connections with clients considered “hard to reach”,
• Making connectIons with colleagues and other disciplines.
• Making connections with managers and stakeholders in current financial climate to build and promote Family & Systemic Psychotherapy.
• To create connections across the time frame of family therapy that highlights the connections between older and newer developments.

From the experience of this conference I guess another level of context for connecting is about colleagues and old friends connecting. And as Brighton has achieved getting the ambience around that right.

But also enabling new connections to be made and helping folk who may not have so many connections at conference to connect with each other and other groups.

A particular focus is on creating a context that allows systemic practitioners from all stages of training to feel welcome and to celebrate the important contributions that all levels of systemic practice can have.

This title can appear on the surface as perhaps vague and open ended! This is deliberate to make it possible that speakers and workshop facilitators can interpret themselves what they take from the title.

The venue:

Dunblane 2017 will be hosted at the Dunblane Hydro, A Doubletree by Hilton hotel set in the ideal location of Dunblane. Dunblane is a beautiful town located at the entrance to the Scottish Highlands and has easy access by rail and road to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

For many the Town of Dunblane will be infamous because of the tragic school shooting which resulted in the death of 16 children and a teacher in March 1996. Whilst we will of course be cognisant of this, we do not wish to visit upon the town a macabre reminder of this tragic event, by focusing on tragedy, death or even resilience.

We want to celebrate the the towns location as a connection between urban and rural, as a community that has connected with the world through tragedy and reconnected with the world through tennis!

The Hydro was opened in 1878 and was originally a Victorian health spa. Previously guests would come to drink the local spring water and take part in a range of hydropathic treatments. ‘Taking the waters’ became a fashionable trend which was believed to cure a range of ailments including rheumatism, alcoholism and depression.

Perhaps the story of the waters powers to treat ailments has reduced over time but we remain confident that the presentations, workshops and general ambience at this conference will have a positive impact on your well being resulting in an improvement in mood and an overall re-energising of mind body and spirit!

Speakers so far!

We can confirm that Peter Rober (Belgium), Alan Carr (Ireland), Ben Furman (Finland), Reenee Singh (UK), Janet Reibstein (UK) and Arlene Vetere (UK) have been confirmed as keynote speakers. Please see details of the speakers on our website.  

We will also have a wide choice of workshops to choose from.

Travel Information - please download our Information sheet on travel to Dunblane
Dunblane is within easy commuting distance from both Glasgow and Edinburgh
By Car
32 miles from Glasgow
42 miles from Edinburgh
By Train
If you book early there are some great prices by rail and you can come into Glasgow or Edinburgh

To register for the conference click here.

DATES for your Diary 2018

  • 2018 AFT Conference - Mercure Hotel Piccadilly Manchester, to be held on the 13th and 14th September 2018
  • Aspens One Day Workshop 2018, to be held on Saturday 20th January 2018

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