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Finding a Supervisor

The clinical supervision of family and systemic psychotherapists should be provided by an AFT Approved Supervisor or an experienced UKCP registered family and systemic psychotherapist. In other cases a CV of the supervisor must be submitted to the Registration Committee for approval. If you wish to find an Approved Supervisor, please see our 

AFT Directory of Approved Supervisors

  • Supervision Requirements

Please read AFT's CPD Policy the CPD Page of the website for full details of AFT's supervision and CPD requirements.

All requirements for supervision relate to full time and part time therapists, there is no pro-rata reduction for part-time working as the standards remain the same.

The minimum requirements for the first three years following qualification are 18 hours of clinical systemic supervision per year, of which at least 12 hours should be retrospective and/or live individual supervision. The remaining 6 hours can include live team supervision and/or retrospective small group supervision with an approved supervisor.

Family therapists registered for three or more years beyond qualification are required to have a minimum of 12 hours systemic supervision per year. Arrangements may include the following options:

  1. Individual Supervision
  2. Team or group supervision with a lead supervisor (no bigger than 6 Supervisees)
  3. Peer co-supervision with another family therapist (Annual Consultation is required)
  4. Peer Group Supervision (no bigger than 6 members and annual consultation is required)

Supervision may be employment based or external.

AFT's CPD policy details all supervsion and CPD requirements for maintaining registration.

  • Directory of Approved Supervisors

UKCP has also established a Directory of Approved Supervisors. To be listed on the directory UKCP members must meet the supervision standards and criteria set by their UKCP college. All individuals wanting to be included on this directory must apply via their Organisational Member (OM).  See How to Become an Approved Supervisor.  

  • Supporting Documents Related to Supervision

CPD Information for Supervisors (PDF)

Supervision Information Sheet (PDF)

Code of Ethics for Supervisors (PDF)

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