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Research - has shown that systemic family and couple therapy is as effective - and in many cases more effective - than alternative interventions, often at a lower cost.

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AFT has created a range of resources for AFT members and others interested in the development of Family and Systemic Psychotherapy and systemic practice. These include

The Family Therapy and Systemic Research Centre (FTSRC)

The Family Therapy and Systemic Research Centre develops, supports and promotes research in systemic and family therapy, as a resource for all family therapy and systemic practitioners. Our aim is to make systemic research visible and easily accessible to the public and practitioners. We think it is important to build a strong and connected systemic research community, to support clinician-researchers and to encourage new research.

We maintain a small database of family therapy and systemic research. Here you will find research on outcomes and effectiveness of systemic therapy, click here, important to families, as well as to commissioners and policymakers. Clinicians, systemic consultants and practitioners will find qualitative and process research studies which will be relevant and applicable to their everyday practice. Researchers will find studies categorised under topics and research methodologies to enable their own research. We have included links to systemic researchers in the UK and internationally alongside their key research interests.

Research references
Systemic Doctoral Research Theses. Tavistock
Other Systemic Doctorate and PhD Research Theses
Masters research dissertations
Planning your research
Practitioner research networks
Research tools
Other systemic centres and researchers

FTSRC has a distribution list through which relevant research articles, courses and seminars are regularly circulated. Please email

to join our distribution list.

Examples of people who have produced major research studies of family therapy and whose many valuable articles are available for download from their websites, include:

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