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The magazine for family therapy and systemic practice

Context Magazine

Context, the magazine for family therapy and system practice

Context, the magazine for family therapy and systemic practice, covers news and views on issues of concern to all professional groups working with children, families and adults in a therapeutic environment.

Context provides a user-friendly forum for sharing and stimulating therapeutic ideas among people working in both the public and independent sectors. Context contains a wealth of information about events, conferences, workshops and jobs in the family therapy field.

General Editor: Brian Cade -

Deputy Editor: Ged Smith -

Annual Subscriptions and Individual hard copies

AFT members automatically receive Context as part of their membership. You may, however, subscribe to Context if you are not an AFT member and purchase past issues.

Current Issue

Issue 170 / August 2020 – edited by Ged Smith

Sample Issues

Future issues of Context

Future issues of Context, guest issue editors and themes are listed below.

If you would like to write an article for Context, either on one of the themes planned below or not, please contact Louise Norris to be put in touch with the relevant editor. Please note that the copy deadlines for articles to be included in Context are approximately 5 months before the publication date.

  • Issue 171 / October 2020 – Pete Brown – Self care / mutual care (copy deadline passed)
  • Issue 172 / December 2020 – Phil Arthington and Rhonda Mitchell – Beginnings (copy deadline passed)
  • Issue 173 / February 2021 – Brian Cade – general
  • Issue 174 / April 2021 – Susan Mary Benbow and Carole Payne – Independent practice
  • Issue 175 / June 2021 – Rav Khela and Joanne Buchmuller – International practice of NVR: From innovation to experience
  • Issue 176 / August 2021 – Ged Smith – general / to be announced
  • Issue 177 / October 2021 – Sara Barratt, Helen Halpern and Jack Czauderna –The front line: Holding family in mind in primary care
  • Issue 178 / December 2021 – Yoko Totsuka – Systemic thinking in the time of coronavirus
  • Issue 179 / February 2022 – Brian Cade – general / to be announced

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Context Magazine