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EFTA update from David Amias

The European Family Therapy Association (EFTA) exists to promote family therapy and systemic practice across Europe. It is made up of three chambers: The Training Institutes Chamber (TIC), The Council of Individual Members (CIM) and The Chamber of National Family Organisations (NFTO).

I have had the privilege of representing UK AFT as a member of the NFTO Chamber for the last number of years exchanging ideas, knowledge and experience with colleagues from the 28 NFTO member countries across Europe. The Chamber meets once a year for a series of weekend discussions on a variety of themes including accreditation, ethics, working towards a European 'passport' to enable members to have qualifications recognised in different countries etc. Ged Smith is also our AFT representative on the EFTA NFTO.  

Whatever happens in other arenas UK AFT is at the heart of Europe!

EFTA conferences take place every three years . 

Link to EFTA Conference 2019

David Amias
Board of NFTO/EFTA

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