AFT code of ethics and practice

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All members of the Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice (AFT) agree to abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics and Practice.

Key details are summarised below. You can also download the full AFT Code of Ethics and Practice Policy Document (PDF).

You can expect your therapist to be appropriately trained, to keep up to date, and to have their style of therapy regularly supervised. If your therapist is part of a team working with you, relationships in that team should be strictly professional and any trainee members should only be given tasks suitable to their level of training. Your therapist should be open and honest about these matters, and about all aspects of his or her relationship with you including any financial arrangements. She or he should not take advantage of contact with you in any way for sexual/political, religious or other reasons. You should not be discriminated against in any way e.g. because of race or gender.

Records of the therapy sessions should be held safely and confidentially, and sessions videotaped only with your signed permission, and kept for a named period and purpose only. It is often helpful for your therapist to link with other professionals involved with you or your family, but your permission is needed for this to happen. It is only in exceptional circumstances that others will be contacted without your permission.

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