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Access the AFT Directory of Family and Systemic Psychotherapists - a directory of AFT members in private practice who are fully qualified and eligible to register as accredited Family and Systemic Psychotherapists, this directory is currently under development and we apologise that it may not include all therapists in your area.    Some independent and non-statutory services also employ Family Therapists.

If you do not wish to see someone privately, do ask your GP, Health Visitor or other Health or Social Care Professional.  They may be able to refer you to a family therapy service in your area.  

Statement by AFT on professional and service titles

AFT is aware that some practitioners with foundation training are describing themselves as Family Therapists, and the services employing them are using the term Family Therapy. While there is at present no legal obstacle to them doing so, this may have implications for clinical governance and Complaints within NHS Trusts and other employers. AFT is concerned that families and others seeking therapy may be under the impression they are working with a professional who is fully trained and qualified in systemic family psychotherapy when they are not.  Please see information leaflet on "Levels of Training and Competence for Practice"

Practitioners entering into an AFT accredited systemic family therapy clinical training course already have a prior professional qualification in a health and social care related profession, so come into the field with a great deal of experience in working with vulnerable children, young people, adults and their families. The training to become a fully qualified systemic family therapist takes four years and only then are practitioners eligible for registration with the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) and to use the title 'Family and Systemic Psychotherapist'.

Details of fully qualified and accredited Family and Systemic Psychotherapists may be found on the UKCP website at, or by calling the UKCP on 020 7014 9955

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