thumbnail image: London AFT Day Conference with Group for the Systemic Study of Parental Alienation. Navigating Post Divorce Conflict with Children on Board: Systemic Work with Parental Alienation.

London AFT Day Conference with Group for the Systemic Study of Parental Alienation. Navigating Post Divorce Conflict with Children on Board: Systemic Work with Parental Alienation.

  • Date: 25 October 2014 (10:00 - 16:30)
  • Venue: Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL
  • Location: London WC1H 0AL, UK
  • Type: Conference
  • Branch: AFT London


Who hasn't ridden the wild waters that may flood down on families when they separate? ... and wished we hadn't! But family therapists must learn how to guide families through such rough waters. SSoPA is a small email group for the Systemic Study of Parental Alienation. SSoPA members, Nick Child, Chip Chimera, Myrna Gower (Chair), Anna Gupta and Roy Mackay will present helped by Hamish Cameron (Child Psychiatrist) and Kevin Amey (Children’s’ Guardian). This workshop offers a platform for clinicians, legal professionals and social agencies to consider how to do better for children caught up in high conflict separations of their parents by creating more integrative answers when parents cannot manage this all themselves. Patterns are usually complex and multifactorial, but a rarer pattern, child or parental alienation, is a key challenge to our understanding and practices. The SSoPA group will draw on their combined learning and experience to introduce this important somewhat neglected field in Britain, and encourage ways we can all develop our knowledge, skills and services.

Chip Chimera is a Systemic Family Psychotherapist and a psychodrama psychotherapist with many years of experience in working with families, individuals and groups. Chip teaches at the Institute of Family Therapy where she is the director of the Centre for Child Studies. Currently undertaking doctoral studies, Chip has extensive experience in working with high conflict families; alienation processes and the involvement of the courts.

Anna Gupta is a senior lecturer in the Department of social work at Royal Holloway University of London. Her extensive experience as a Children’s Guardian has led her to study and publish on decision making in the Family Courts. Anna has worked with alienating behaviours in several high profile family conflicts and her association and working with families with Karen Woodall of the Centre for Separated Families has led her to begin to engage in research in this field.

Nick Child, Family Therapist, Edinburgh. Retiring from a career as a CAMHS psychiatrist in the peripheries of excellence, Nick has worked for 11 years in a small part-time FT team in Edinburgh. He has been an active if maverick voice in AFT for decades, most recently in leading Aspens, the network for family therapy in the non-statutory sector. 3 years ago, a client cured his allergy to parental alienation. Nick has campaigned since as reparation for such ignorance. His websites and feature this and other work.

Roy Mackay. Roy, having been alienated from his two sons has set up in collaboration with Nick Child and continues to study; inform; research and educate parents, professionals and the legal system on matters pertaining to high conflict separation and its implications for children and parents. His writings and his consultation to the clinical work shared in SSoPA is invaluable. He tirelessly campaigns in the interests of his boys.

Myrna Gower. Myrna is a systemic family psychotherapist with many years of experience in clinical practice, teaching and consultancy. After completion of her Doctoral Research on Parenting Adult Children, Nick Child introduced her to Amy Baker’s research with adult children and parental alienation. This led to her close participation in SSoPA using the group for ongoing consultation on clinical cases. In her position as an honorary research fellow at Royal Holloway University of London and on being invited by Anna Gupta to begin formative research and writing on parental alienation, a larger study is now anticipated.

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Cost: £45 (lunch included)

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