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2019 AFT Conference

AFT 2019 Annual Conference in Association with AFT North East

19th and 20th September 2019

(Re) Visioning the landscape of practice
to be held at the Newcastle/Gateshead Hilton Hotel,
Newcastle –Upon-Tyne
(with optional evening 18th September)

Keynote speakers: Paolo Bertrando, Taiwo Afuape, Gwyn Daniel, John Burnham and Barbara McKay

Bookings now open. Please see the conference website for more information and how to register. 

Bridging Research and Practice at the 2019 Conference - Invitation to submit poster presentations for the AFT conference and take part in our Systemic Research Tapestry Workshop. You may have done or be doing a piece of research…
You may have been engaged in some practice innovations and want to think about how research might fit with this… we are pleased to say that you can still submit a poser presentation for the 2019 conference up until 3 June.  Find out more below.  

Download further information on poster presentations

Download guidelines for the preparation of posters

Download the submission form for posters

The North East branch of AFT welcome you to the banks of the river Tyne for AFT’s 44th national conference. Newcastle and The North East of England is known for its rich tradition of creativity, innovation and making. These traditions have helped shape our many local landscapes. Carrying a rich sense of community, identity and belonging, the region also has a proud history of acting to protect the rights of families and communities within changing political times. Newcastle and Gateshead quayside, the location of the 2019 conference is an iconic part of the North East heritage and a landscape developed from a history of heavy industry transformed into a place of sporting, cultural and social activity.

The 2019 conference theme “How the contemporary landscape of practice is shaping current systemic approaches and, how current systemic approaches can reshape the landscape of practice” considers how systemic practice is shaped by and can help shape wider social and political landscapes. 

We hope that you will feel as inspired as we do about the conference and that you will wish to attend. We look forward to seeing you in Newcastle. 

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