2012 Conference

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AFT Conference 2012

New Frontiers: New Challenges - What Are We Facing? -13th - 15th September 2012, Bristol, UK

Thank you to all those who attended and made the event such a success.

Please find some of the workshop presentations below

Percy Aggett and Alastair Pearson - From clinic to Community: The Theory and Practice of Systemic Outreach

Clare Brizzolara - Assessment of Integrated Therapeutic Approaches (AITS) for caring systems

Nick Child - Learning from America again: The Non-Statutory Sector, Couple Therapy, Relationship Education and Parental Alienation

Gwyn Daniel - "Nothing is but what is not"; Systemic thinking and Shakespear's tragedies

Maire Stedman - Co-Contructing Narrative and Shared Meaning: an exploration of the journey of unaccompanied refugee young people and their therapist

Symposium - Outside in and inside out: is the 'new' systemic integrative and are the old schools dead?

Frank Burbach

Janet Reibstein

Photos from the conference

The full Programme and 37th AGM papers (PDF)

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