2014 Conference

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AFT Conference in association with Merseyside AFT

Irreverence: (Dis)respect, freedoms, loyalty, ethics and survival

2014 Programme including abstracts - available here. Here is a short video of the conference highlights.

Thanks to Merseyside AFT for hosting this conference at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, and to all of the presenters and delegates who took part.  Please complete and return the evaluation form, if you have not already done so.  

  • Gerrilyn Smith – Irreverent, unrepentant and redundant: A discussion of the “managed decline” of mental health services and the demise of clinical curiosity.
  • Paolo Bertrando and Sarah Walther – Context, narrative, and social inequity: Politicised therapeutic responses to political context
  • Jim Wilson (facilitator) – Relevance of irreverence  Panel discussion – Arlene Vetere, Ged Smith, Sharon Bond, John Burnham and Paolo Bertrando
  • Arlene Vetere – Systemic Therapy and Attachment Narratives  Powerpoint available from s.kennedy@aft.org.uk
  • Jim Wilson – Family therapy as a process of humanisation: Contributions from dialogism: “Dialogue cannot exist without humility“ (Paulo Freire) - references available here.  Sheet 1, Sheet 2
  • David Pocock – A cybernetics of tendencies: towards a new coherence for systemic family therapy.  Powerpoint presentation
  • Prof Valeria Ugazio – Which semantics is leading the conversation? Family semantic polarities as a guide for the choice of the therapeutic dance
  • Iyabo Fatimilehin and Shameem Eusuf – A moveable feast? Knowing and not knowing about culture(s)
  • Hannah Sherbersky et al. – Child IAPT and systemic family practice
  • David Steare and AFT ethics committee – Maintaining ethical practice under pressure: Can NHS provision of family therapy be ethical?  Powerpoint presentation 1  Powerpoint presentation 2
  • Mark Rivett and Stacey McDonald – Leaving the garden of Eden: Internet sex, young people and the family
  • Amanda Middleton – Intersectionality and the graces: Systemic tools for working with sexuality and gender
  • Steve Harrison – ...Love, Irreverence – an externalised letter writing workshop
  • Sandra Bryson – An unholy marriage? A systemic/pyscho- dynamic approach to consultancy
  • Vicky Eames and Mariangels Ferrer Duch – The UK Team of Life Resilience Programme: A taster session
  • Pete Brown – Reflecting puppet shows and reflecting role plays: Therapeutic performances to capture the interest of children 
  • Elaine Holliday – These boots were made for ... “A systemic art workshop”

  • Lisa Rudgley and Nicola Church – Jumping into the unknown: Research as a survival strategy
  • Amanda Jones – Parents in Crisis: From a baby’s point of view
  • John Hills and Ged Smith – Lear’s Fool: Licence to be irreverent as comedian and shamanic healer
  • Victoria Jones and Donna Reeve – Disusing the social GGRRAAACCEEESSS
  • Gary Robinson – Making it up as you go along ... with thanks to Lynn Hoffman (it’s all her fault)  Powerpoint presentation
  • Christopher Ward – Challenging the medical diagnosis: Irreverence, irrelevance or malevolence?
  • Nick Child – Roughlective practice: Evaluation some rough gems of theory and practice
    • The workshop programme, concepts diagram, list of things FT should expand, introduction and full presenter's notes are available at the top of the Home page of Nick's website, forallthat.com
  • Chris Burroughes – Victims rule! OK?
  • Damian McCann – Couples behaving badly? An exploration of developments in couple relationships
  • Mark Huhnen – The Neutral Mask – used in physical theatre training
    • If you would like to contact Mark regarding his workshop please email mark-huhnen@web.de
  • Michelle Newman Brown – Playing with toys and words in therapeutic child care.  Powerpoint presentation
  • Maria Nichterlein – Carry that weight: existence, knowledge and irreverence.  Powerpoint presentation
  • Amanda Jones – Continued exploration of the inevitable tension of working with worry and risk in the attempt to create resilience in babyhood
  • Reenee Singh – What is a Couple? Irreverence and creativity when working with transnational couples and family
  • Danny McGowan and Julie from the Hillsborough Families
  • John Burnham and Sharon Bond – ‘Is (ir)reverence for me? Creating a reflexive relationship between reverence and irreverence
  • Barry Mason – From irreverence to respect? Or respectful irreverence? Issues for clinicians and supervisors
  • Jim Wilson and John Burnham (as reflective conversation) – Beginning and ending: Thoughts on the conference themes – an invitation to keep the conversation going ...

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