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Mental Health Awareness Week Podcasts

As AFT’s contribution to Mental Health Awareness Week, we are launching these two podcasts:

In the first Philip Messent interviews Arlene Vetere about lessons to be drawn from her extensive work with family violence regarding the stresses and strains likely to be placed on families during lockdown, and how these can best be understood and minimised.

In the second he interviews Barry Mason about his article published this year in the Journal of Family Therapy : ‘Family of origin scripts in dealing with diversity: a question’. Barry describes how this question can be used both by therapists and family members with one another in a way that allows tensions to be eased and new possibilities for mutual kindness and more co-ordinated responses to emerge. This article and Arlene Vetere’s 2001 Journal of Family Therapy article ‘Working systemically with family violence: risk, responsibility and collaboration’ will be available to download free on the Journal website during Mental Health Awareness week.

New BBC documentary "I Blame My Parents"

with Hannah Sherbersky, Family and Systemic Psychotherapist

Please visit the Journal of Family Therapy podcast channel.  

New additions being  1) SCORE 15 news update 2) Eleftheria Tseliou, Blame, responsibility and systemic neutrality 3)Susan Lord, Meditative Dialogue 4) JFT Past, Present and Future 5) Studying the therapeutic alliance from a systemic perspective.

For all films on SCORE 15, please see the SCORE page


Additional digital resources and downloads are available to AFT members.

Podcasts and Radio

Living with chronic pain in the family

(November 2011)

Listen to ‘Airing Pain: Programme 19 (1.11.11)’ on Audiobook

Radio interviews recorded at AFT Scotland's 2011 conference, 'Family perspectives on illness and multi-stress challenges'. Featuring keynote speaker Dr John Rolland, family therapist Jan Parker, and clinical psychologist Dr Elaine McWilliams.

Bringing Up Britain

(18 Apr 2009, 22:15 on BBC Radio 4)

Bringing Up Britain

BBC Radio 4 show. Mariella Frostrup asks what parents can do to help children with mental health problems and what constitutes ‘normal unhappiness’ . With guests, family therapist Jan Parker, Richard Reeves of the thinktank Demos and and Roger Catchpole of YoungMinds.


JFT 38.4

Eleftheria Tseliou

Blame, Responsibility and Systemic Neutrality.

JFT 38.3

Michael E. Sudea and Laura Eubanks Gambrelb

Talking About Versus Talking With

CYP-IAPT workshop at the Liverpool AFT Conference 2014

Ged Smith’s Top 10 Systemic Tips

(September 2011)

The clip above is a short introduction to this video from the 2011 AFT conference at Buxton, Derbyshire. View the full video on YouTube

Therapeutic responses to families in crisis

View short clip of Therapeutic Responses to Families in Crisis

A special version of the BBC1 documentary 'I Hate Mum' is now available on DVD (at a discount to AFT members). Re-edited for training and educational purposes, the DVD features a multi-disciplinary family therapy team from Greenwich CAMHS and includes:

  • The original film, divided into two 25 minutes sections, suitable for use in training contexts and with additional footage not shown at the time of transmission.
  • Restored footage of some of the process elements of family therapy.
  • Examples of two reflecting team variations – Reflecting puppet shows and Reflecting role plays.
  • Interviews with the director, researcher and clinic co-ordinator.
  • Interviews with both families two years after filming.

To order, complete and return booking form (PDF).

Family Therapy & Systemic Practice: Ged Smith Interview

(September 2011)

Family Therapy & Systemic Practice: Ged Smith Interview by JFT Editor Mark Rivett

Journal of Family Therapy podcast recorded at the 2011 AFT Conference.

Family Therapy & Systemic Practice: Paolo Bertrando Interview

(September 2011)

Family Therapy & Systemic Practice: Paolo Bertrando Interview by JFT Editor Mark Rivett


Messages of hope

Stories, pictures and comments from people who have experienced Family Therapy as clients. Sometimes clients are referred to as ‘service users’. AFT prefers to call them ‘experts by experience’. Sometimes, to protect the anonymity of our ‘experts by experience’, we have edited or changed identifying details.

Please note that AFT is not responsible for content it has not created. While every care is taken to only provide links to useful resources and virus-free downloads recommended by members, AFT cannot be held responsible for third-party content - please read more in our Terms & Conditions for the website.

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