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Evidence Based Short Training Course

If you would like to submit an application for your Evidence-Based short training course to be approved please contact Suzanne O'Connor on 01925 444414 or email for an application form

Courses must be a minimum of 5 days, criteria for approval being
The theoretical base of the training must be relational in its focus and draw from theories which are included in the broad systemic community of ideas.
The entry criteria must be clear and be offered only to those who have previous psychotherapeutic training
The course must be clear about what the course entitles participants to do in terms of clinical work.
It must outline the evidence used to inform the teaching and curriculum
There must be a commitment to researching the impact of the training course and/or the efficacy of the intervention being taught
The course must have a significant amount of opportunities to practice and role play the interventions taught
Teaching must take account of difference and diversity and include ethics as a topic

The Family Therapy and Systemic Research Centre (FTSRC)

You may wish to visit The Family Therapy and Systemic Research Centre (FTSRC) set up to develop, support and promote research in the systemic family therapy field. The centre is based at the Tavistock Clinic, an NHS Foundation Trust and national centre of training, where a well established and thriving doctoral research programme for qualified systemic psychotherapists has been running for over a decade. Students and training organisations may, for example, wish to explore its information on research planning and other current research materials. FTSRC has a distribution list through which relevant research articles, courses and seminars are regularly circulated. Please email to join our distribution list.


The Evidence Base of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice by

Peter Stratton, Emeritus Professor of Family Therapy, University of Leeds (September 2016) third report is now available.  Click here for the member page.

AFT's third report on The Evidence Base of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice brings together a substantial number of current reviews and empirical studies.  It concludes that "systemic therapies are effective, acceptable to clients, and cost effective for a sufficient range of conditions to give confidence that the wide application in current practice is justified and could usefully be extended." (Straton, 2016, p.1).  We intend that members should be able to use the whole report, or to collate sections from it, to support a case for the provision of systemic family and couple therapy.

Summary of Family Interventions

Published: March 2012 (PDF)

Family interventions recommended and reviewed in NICE guidelines

Review of family, couples and systemic therapy outcome research 2000-2009

Published: 2011 (PDF)

Summarising all relevant articles published between 2000 and 2009

AFT information sheet: Research

Published: December 2011 (PDF)

Briefing sheet for professionals, highlighting the effectiveness of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice

AFT Information Sheet: Relational resilience and mental health

Published: November 2011 (PDF)

Citing relevant research and reports

Moral outrage is not enough

Published: 17/08/2011 (PDF)

AFT media release on riots

AFT response to Children and Young People’s IAPT

Published: 01/07/2011 (PDF)

AFT on Children’s IAPT (Increasing Acccess To Psychological Therapies) draft national curriculum

The Evidence Base of Systemic Family and Couple Therapies

Published: January 2011 (PDF)

Overview of evidence for the effectiveness of systemic and family therapy across the full range of applications

Radical change needed for Scotland’s carers

Published: 24/03/2011 (PDF)

AFT media release


AFT response to Comprehensive Spending Review

Published: 21/10/2010 (PDF)

AFT media release

AFT information sheet: Frontline Services

Published: May 2010 (PDF)

Improving services for UK families

AFT information sheet: Specialist Services

Published: May 2010 (PDF)

Improving specialist services for UK families

Quality matters more than structure of family relationships

Published: 27/01/2010 (PDF)

AFT media release

CAMHS Services in Wales

Published: December 2009 (PDF)

AFT response to First Minister for Wales re CAMHS review

AFT response to NHS Couple Therapy plans

Published: 25/11/2009 (PDF)

AFT media release

AFT response to Cancer Care consultation

Published: 10/10/2009 (PDF)

AFT on draft measure Cancer Services Psychological Supports

Current Practice Future Possibilities

Published: May 2009 (PDF)

Highlighting the range and depth of current practice of Family and Systemic Psychotherapists and systemic practitioners working in the UK

Children and families at risk if NICE depression guidelines accepted

Published: 23/04/2009 (PDF)

AFT media release

NICE evidence restrictions

Published: 11/04/2009 (PDF)

AFT Letter to The Times

After Baby P – collaboration and challenge

Published: 18/02/2009 (PDF)

AFT media release

AFT response to CAMHS review

Published: 01/07/2008 (PDF)

Submission to the Home Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into Domestic Violence

Published: 2008 (PDF)

Mental health training cuts beggar belief

Published: 23/06/2008 (PDF)

AFT media release

Response to the Higher Education Funding Council consultation

Published: January 2008 (PDF)

AFT consultation response

Thinking Family - At Last!

Published: 20/06/2007 (PDF)

AFT media release

AFT supports Every Disabled Child Matters

Published: 18/06/2007 (PDF)

AFT media release

AFT response to Working Together for a Better Future for Children and Young People

Published: May 2007 (PDF)

AFT consultation response

Belfast family therapist featured in Time

Published: 30/04/2007 (PDF)

Time magazine article

Belfast Family Trauma Centre in The Guardian

Published: 24/03/2007 (PDF)

Feature in The Guardian

AFT response to Good childhood inquiry

Published: 30/11/2006 (PDF)

AFT inquiry submission

A Family Affair – Prof Peter Stratton in The Guardian

Published: 31/12/2005 (PDF)

Feature in The Guardian

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